Bethany Nicholls is a dog and horse trainer covering central Scotland and beyond. She started horse training prior to her first degree on a yard where she was first introduced to Equitation Science, through Jody Hartstone.


After completing her BSc (hons) at Lincoln University she went into veterinary diagnostics and research, continuing to expand her training interests and techniques with her own dogs.


In 2016 she moved to West Lothian and became a trainer with a local training club, and in 2018 started her MSc in clinical animal behaviour at Edinburgh University, specialising in Canine and Equine. She has already achieved her PG Cert and is on track to gain PG Dip by 2020 and complete her MSc by 2021.


She regularly attends conferences and CPD outside of studying to continually improve her practical training knowledge and repertoire. 


Bethany currently lives in West Lothian with her partner and dogs, two working spaniels and a lazy lurcher. Her passions are her dogs and they are trained in gundog work, agility and detection work




MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Edinburgh University, specialising in Canine and Equine 2018-2022. She has already achieved her PG Dip and will be starting her dissertation in 2021, to complete her MSc by 2022.

Bethany is currently a member of BVBA (British Veterinary Behaviour Association), APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors), ISES (International Society for Equitation Science) and ESVCE (European Society of Clinical Veterinary Ethology).


Current and upcoming CPD list 


  • Animal Behaviour Conference 2019, University of Edinburgh, 23rd February 2019. 

  • Veterinary Ethics and Welfare Conference 2019, University of Edinburgh, 28th-29th September 2019.

  • Welfare Day, Roslin Institute, 3rd October 2019. 

  • Clicker Expo Luminos Europe, Karen Pryor, 25th-27th October 2019.

  • The Soul of the Horse, Lucy Rees, 3rd November 2019. 

  • The Positive Gundog Training Conference, 9th-10th May 2020. 

  • ISES Conference 2020, 11th-14th August 2020. 



We currently offer 1-2-1's with Bethany for dog training, meaning we can build a bespoke package around you and your targets, with no set number of sessions or cost.


Training is designed to be fun for both dog and handler, using reward-based methods. 


The majority of clients are looking to work on obedience but we also offer fun gundog sessions for those looking to harness their pets natural abilities. 


If multiple people are looking for training small group sessions can be arranged.  


Bethany is still studying and working towards her masters and accreditation in animal behaviour. We hope to be able to offer behaviour consults soon, until then we are happy to help with behavioural cases and work with your Vet and behaviourist to develop a behaviour modification plan.


Offering continued support and training sessions to complement the behavioural programme laid out and progress both dog and handlers understanding and confidence. 



Travel is charged per mile, plus any extra charges incurred, to the clients home/agreed site of training if multiple consults can be arranged in the area then travel fees will be split. 



Bethany is currently working on expanding her equine behaviour and equestrian science skills and knowledge, as such we are not yet offering 1-2-1's or behavioural consults for horses. If you are looking for any advice on finding a trainer or behaviourist please get in touch and we are happy to answer all questions and help where we can. 


I work across central Scotland and beyond if you would like more information please enquire below. 

+44 (0)7940086435



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